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2016-05-18 14:43:02 by RangerInTheWoods

As the title says...Well, you read it 


I'M COMING BACK! This may not be a big deal, as my music is terrifying. I hope to bring you guys something to remember me by. Something awesome. I'll be working on a new song today, and I may pop out a really good song soon, so stay tuned!


2014-12-24 14:24:19 by RangerInTheWoods

The last couple million of songs i have posted have been really terrible, so i have gotten rid of the awful name of rememberance ('Clouded Fire') and replaced it with "Wintery"! Hope you guys enjoy this new light-hearted album!

Pole and Squad One

2014-12-15 17:23:36 by RangerInTheWoods

Hey guys. I have been working on an animation called...Well, read the title :P. Anyway, i'm putting together a team to work on this. It's going to be a pivot/flash series so it wont take too long as long as we stick to it. If anyone would like to sign up, join us here:


2014-12-07 10:07:32 by RangerInTheWoods

Hey guys! Lately i have been slow to getting music out for three reasons.

1. I have had a few depressions lately and lots of stress

2. I'm trying out new things, like animating

3. I have been really busy


So i'll try and get more music out sometime, but right now i'm trying to make some animations. Maybe a series!

Good grief...

2014-11-27 14:25:05 by RangerInTheWoods

Well, perfect day for my 2 year old cat to die. Thanksgiving day. A funeral. Raven died at 1:10pm today, just before we were leaving to my mom's side of the family. Hope you guys all have a great thanksgiving

End of - FL Starter

2014-11-15 21:09:48 by RangerInTheWoods

Hey guys! Good news today. I'm ending the FL Starter season. The new album is - Clouded Fire

Successful industrial

2014-11-14 20:25:18 by RangerInTheWoods

My first "Successful" industrial just went up. At the end is a voice over from Genraltweet

Sherlock Holmes, coming up!

2014-11-10 11:42:30 by RangerInTheWoods

Watch out for the Sherlock Holmes theme song remix coming up! I hope you will all enjoy it!


EDIT!: Sorry guys! I'm too new to FL Studio to be taking on this project. I really failed at it. Sorry to get your hopes up :(.

7 views and counting.

2014-11-09 21:52:30 by RangerInTheWoods

WOW! Guys, this is awesome! I uploaded " Stompin' " 3 hours ago, and there are already 130 views XD !!!!!

Starting FL.

2014-11-09 21:46:36 by RangerInTheWoods

Hey guys! Just uploaded a new song " Stompin' ". This one was made from FL Studio! I finally decided to get the demo, and i really fell in love with it. The sounds are really nice, and i expect to be making some good songs now. Just remember, im a newb to FL Studio, so im not that good yet :). Spread the news!